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Ad Valorem, Inc. is a dynamic, innovative, full-service property tax consulting firm specializing in all aspects of real and personal property Tax valuation and management. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellence in property tax service.

Pen and Ledger

The Intriguing World of Property Tax

As percentages, property tax rates are considerably lower when compared to other state and local, as well as federal income tax rates. As a result, property tax is often misconstrued as a ‘small and insignificant tax’: a necessary annual and unavoidable burden.

Sales/use, income, franchise tax are based on some verifiable measure of sales, purchases, income and/or receipts. In contrast, property tax is based on “value” as determined annually by local assessors or state departments of revenue, and as prescribed by state statutes and regulations.

While it holds true that property tax is based primarily on some measure of “property, plant and equipment” present on a company’s books and records, the methods of “value determination” are diverse and often present challenges to tax departments.

Ad Valorem, Inc. strives in lifting the veil of mystery from value determination while assisting corporate tax department in all aspects of property tax administration:

Our experienced professionals begin by examining the past methodology used by state or local jurisdictions when determining the value of clients’ property. It is during this stage that errors in past years’ assessments are often discovered: We work closely with our clients to correct these errors, while generating additional cash flow in the form of property tax refunds.

Our clients’ current position is subsequently evaluated to determine whether changes in reporting or assessment methodology may result in lower values, and thus, in lower property tax burdens. If changes cannot be implemented prior to the annual valuation notice, we advise our clients on their rights to challenge the value of their property, as well as on the strength of their case. We represent our clients through all administrative levels of property tax appeals.

At the end of each engagement, our clients have a crystal clear picture of how their property is valued for property tax purposes, and whether the value of their property is fair and equitable when compared to similar properties. In addition, we provide detailed instructions on procedures to be followed for future property tax minimization.

At Ad Valorem, Inc., our clients enjoy unparalleled levels of service, aggressive — but discreet — representation, and a vast array of technical knowledge and expertise.